My First Dress

Good morning, poppets!

Today, I can declare victory over my first ever dress pattern – the Eliza dress from Eliza M.

Elise M Dress 1

For an amateur sewer, this pattern was amazing. Simple, easy to understand, and pushing my skills just enough. I had decided that my first foray into vintage sewing would probably be best served through a vintage-inspired modern pattern – and Eliza M has a great selection on offer! I made the dress up using the above sky-blue cotton with white polka dots. Super fun to work with!

But I don’t want to paint this like it was all sunshine and roses. There’s a fair bit of jerry-rigging holding the thing together. I learnt, for example, why it is SO important to iron out the coils of your zip (to avoid sewing into your zip by mistake). I also found that the bust darts ended far too high, leaving the dress looking a little *cough* nipple-y. I managed to deal with this by slashing the darts open and ironing the apex over a tailor’s ham – but next time, I think I’ll just try to lower the darts on the pattern (ooooo….adventurous!!).

Overall though, this was a fantastic pattern that made me feel sufficiently proud of myself! I’m already planning to make it up again using a different fabric! So YAY, first real sewing endeavour successful. I will leave you with more photos, showing my response to my fiancé shouting ‘STRIKE A FIERCE POSE’ at me, while snapping like paparazzi.

Elise M Dress 2                               Elise M Dress 3

7 thoughts on “My First Dress

  1. sewingbeefabric says:

    The dress looks fab! I’d never have guessed it was your first attempt. It really suits you. Loving the modelling poses too


    • sewforvictory says:

      Thank you! I’m super happy with it! And I appreciate your comment on the modelling poses – although I don’t think I’ll be getting a contract anytime soon 🙂 x


    • sewforvictory says:

      Thanks Jamie! I really appreciate you stopping by! I love your blog – I bet your wife loves having a husband who can make her one-of-a-kind outfits! x


  2. rhiannonbrum says:

    Yay first dress! Although are you sure it’s only your first? 😜 it’s absolutely gorgeous and I love the neckline. Also, where did you get the fabric from? I’m a total sucker for a blue polka dot!


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