Placket Problems

Two days ago, the world was a simpler place. I was enjoying some calm constructing of the Great British Sewing Bee’s gorgeous vintage blouse. This was until my pattern demanded that I understand the point of a continuous bound placket and how to construct it. I faced three main problems: (1) I had no idea what a continuous bound placket was; (2) I decided to try and figure it out from working through the pattern, rather than actually looking for advice elsewhere; so, (3) I didn’t realise that a placket is a separate piece of fabric, and instead tried to manipulate one out of just my sleeve piece. If this all sounds confusing, you have a taste of my life for two days. I’m sure anyone in the Essex area heard my cries of frustration.

Weeping quietly into my fabric, my wonderful fiancé stood over my shoulder – ‘does this pattern piece say placket?’ he asked, handing me a piece of tissue paper discarded on the floor. And with that, my problem was solved. I finally realised the common sense necessary to Google for a video tutorial and am preparing to tackle my plackets properly this evening.

Oh the adventures of an amateur sewer! I swear 80% of my time is spent trying to decipher patterns and avoid pinning the fabric to my skin. But I feel that it’s worth it for that 20% of actual sewing success! Despite my placket problems, my blouse is coming on a treat. I’m still worried that the floral pattern might be a little outside of my usual style, but with a plain navy skirt, I think it’ll look tres jolie.

GBSB Blouse Sleeve

Look at those shoulder gathers! I’m so proud!

I will keep you posted on the progress of my plackets 🙂

Laura x

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