Woman’s Weekly Wisdom

Hello sweeties!

I hope that you’re all enjoying your week. My sewing productivity has slowed a bit since finishing off my vintage blouse – I think that I needed a bit of time to recover from those plackets! Fortunately, I’m getting back my mojo with Colette Pattern’s Beignet skirt. Cute cute cute.

Beignet Pattern

I’m making it up in a navy blue corduroy that I’ve had lying around for a while – mostly in the hope that it will make a great complement to my vintage blouse. The pattern calls for some lining, which I decided to work in mustard yellow. But my attempt to order the right thing online totally failed and, rather than looking mustard yellow, the lining I was sent is VERY pumpkin orange. Not quite what I’m going for. So I’m going to head down to the local fabric shop tomorrow for a rummage and see if I can turn up something more appropriate!

In other news, I’ve been totally absorbed in the copies of Woman’s Weekly that I bought a couple of weeks ago. One from 1944 and one from 1946!

Woman's Weekly Covers

I wrote before about how obsessed I am with old books and magazines. These are just incredible. The 1944 one is especially interesting for all of the war-related ads and articles. I’m a little bit hypnotised by the Woman’s Weekly Whispers page – which seems to be a version of modern magazines’ ‘From the Editor’ letter.

Woman's Weekly Whispers

Look at those cute illustrations!

From this page, I have learnt many nuggets of wisdom. Including this little gem:

“It’s pleasant to think of a little touch of colour for your best dark frock. How do you like the notion of a flat ice-blue bow added to each pocket? The secret of a really flat bow is to cut the ribbon or material into two pieces. Make the loops the required size, stitching them through the centre. And then tie the other piece tightly round – to form the ends. You’d be pleased by their neatness, if you made your bows this way.”


3 thoughts on “Woman’s Weekly Wisdom

    • sewforvictory says:

      They were in this cute vintage shop in town. I got chatting with the lady who runs it, and she hunted them out for me. They’re seriously awesome. If you ever get over Colchester way, I’ll take you on a tour of the vintage shops (although I bet you have plenty)! And yes, blue is THE BEST.


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