Learning to Line

Happy Sunday!

I hope that you’re all having a great weekend. Mine has been spent catching up on sewing the Beignet skirt – after a successful trip to the fabric shop to find some replacement lining. It’s quite literally the most fabulous material I’ve ever come across – I’m so in love!

Bird lining

I think that it works well because the pattern is too busy for me to use on a whole project. With peek-a-boo pockets and a full lining, this is a good pattern to use with some cool lining fabric. Having never lined anything before, I’m on a bit of a learning curve. So far, so good. I’ve put the pockets in and they look super cute. My new machine is also making finishing seams a synch. I’ve never used a proper serger so I can’t compare – but having gone through frustration trying to finish seams with a zig-zag stitch and ordinary foot, this is SO much better.


That said, I’ve probably spent over 50% of my time on this project finishing seams. It’s something I’ve totally skimped on in the past, mostly because I couldn’t be bothered. But given how amazing a finish it’s giving, I think the time is worth it!

So yes, the skirt is progressing well! I’m hoping to get a good bit more done today and hopefully have it done by mid-week. Fingers crossed!


In other news, I’ve been reading my copies of Woman’s Weekly. I thought I’d feature a couple of highlights here. Firstly, this ad:

WW Ad “You are anxious to ensure that once this war is over, she makes up for the loss of so much childhood joy. You will look to her health first and make sure that ‘Milk of Magnesia’ is your stand-by…”

There’s also this absolute gem. An advice column from 1944 – ‘Mrs. Marryat Advises’:

Mrs. Marry Advises

“I wonder if you can help me? I feel very depressed and discontented. I am eighteen years of age and a shorthand typist. When I was seventeen…I wanted very badly to join the Services, but my parents and my employer stood in my way. Since then my best boy-friend has gone in the Navy. He promised before he went to write to me, but I have written twice and received no reply. I know he is a poor letter-writer, and he is very shy. Should I try to forget about him…? Several of my girl-friends are in the Forces or on War work and I seem to be doing so little for the war effort. This depresses me very much, What should I do? – Doris”

I absolutely love reading through these little insights into the lives of women in the 1940s!

Laura x

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