Beignet Skirt: Beating the Curve!

Hello sweet-peas!

After a truly hectic week, I finally managed to get a good amount of sewing done on Sunday. In fact, I spent pretty much the whole day working on my Beignet skirt. Given that I spent a whole day on it, I should probably be further along than I am. I was a bit surprised at my slow progress, but when I actually broke down my time, it looked something like this:

(1) Trying to stop my sewing machine from freaking out, then realising that the lack of stitches was because my bobbin was out of thread.

(2) Staring wistfully at my lining fabric.

(3) Staring into space.

(4) Actual sewing.

This said, I somehow managed to get my lining constructed and am now at a point where I pretty much just have to put the lining and shell together, then hem! The lining proved to be a tricky piece of work, mostly because it involved attaching a convex curve (the lining) to a concave curve (the facing). It ended up turning out ok, after a whole lot of tugging, pulling, and easing:

Beignet lining

I followed the pattern really strictly in terms of fitting the lining and facing together, mostly because I knew that it would be tough working on a curve. Had I not, I think I would’ve had a ridiculously difficult time of it. It was a bit of an arduous process – involving cutting the seam allowance down to 1/4 inch around both, then notching and clipping the curves, and hand basting together:

Beignet lining curve

In the end, I actually gave up on the hand basting because it was taking ages. And it ended up looking good anyway. But, if you’re giving this pattern a go, I wouldn’t suggest trying to scrimp on time spent cutting the hem and clipping/notching.

I’m pretty happy with how it’s come out, particularly with my choice of lining. Hopefully my next post will be a finished picture of the skirt – which I want to get done in preparation for my next project. Details to come!

In the meantime, I’ll leave you with a photo of my heart-flutteringly adorable peek-a-boo pockets!

Beignet Pockets

Laura x

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