Walthamstow Market: A Fabric Lover’s Paradise!

Happy Monday, my lovelies!

I’ve had a fantastic weekend of sewing. My Belle Curve dress is almost finished and it is easily the most gorgeous thing I’ve made so far. I can’t wait to share it with you later this week!

Before I get round to that, I wanted to share some details about my recent fabric shopping trip to Walthamstow market! After joining The Fold Line (a fantastic online sewing community), I managed to connect with an amazing group of fellow 20-something sewers. With a few of us in easy distance of London, I thought that a meet-up was in order! Last weekend, 5 of us got together in Walthamstow for a trip to this totally fabric-oriented market.

Walthamstow Market map

As far as fabric shopping at Walthamstow goes, I have some advice for fellow market adventurers! The first tip is all about the weather. As much as possible, try to plan your trip for a reasonably good weather day (or at least one where it isn’t pouring with rain). We did not. Although there are a large number of shops lining both sides of the market, all stalls are open-air. We got totally drenched moving from stall to stall. It was completely worth it – but, if you have some flexibility in planning a fabric shopping trip, try to account for the fact that Walthamstow isn’t an all-weather friendly market. Otherwise, make sure to take some waterproof bags for all of that fabric!

The market itself is so well laid out. Most of the stalls are fabric sellers, so it isn’t hard to know where you’re going. Just be sure to keep an eye on the shops on both sides of the street. There are some amazing (and cheap) fabric stores, with plenty of selection. One of the great things about the fabrics on offer is that there are a huge number of choices from all over the world. Lots of Indian and African inspired fabrics – making this a perfect destination if you want a to try something a little bolder than run-of-the-mill cottons and patterning.

Be sure to take plenty of money with you – you’ll need it. The fabrics are extremely reasonably priced (averaging about £3 per metre), but you’ll find that the cheap prices simply encourage you to buy a LOT. My haul was quite impressive and I think the group collectively agreed that we would need to avoid fabric purchasing for a while.

Fabric Haul

So if you are within a good distance of London – or are paying a special visit – I would definitely suggest stopping at Walthamstow. I tried to search out a stall map to link to here – but no such luck. For more information on the market (hours, area maps etc), Walthamstow Council has a great guide on their website.

Hopefully it won’t be long until we arrange our next meet-up and investigate some more fabric hot-spots around London. If you fancy joining us on our next outing, send me an email – sewforvictoryblog@gmail.com – and I’ll make sure to keep you in the loop.

I’ll be back later this week with some pics of my 1940s-inspired dress. Have a fabulous Monday!

Laura x

10 thoughts on “Walthamstow Market: A Fabric Lover’s Paradise!

      • Man Yee says:

        I paid my first visit to the Walthamstow market today just after noon, managed to buy myself enough fabric to sew with for the rest of the summer! Possibly have ran into you at the stall outside Sainsbury’s, were you with a couple of other ladies?


      • sewforvictory says:

        I actually ended up not going, but a couple of the other girls did. So perhaps they just looked suspiciously like sewing bloggers! I hope you had an amazing visit. Let me know next time you’re popping along, if you fancy some company! x


  1. AnnIsikArts says:

    I’m going on Saturday (20 November) for the first time, so am looking up everything I can on the market. Thanks for the blog. I’m taking my husband, who is basically a carrier bag with legs. 🙂


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