‘Tis The Season

Hello from the US!

I’m determined not to let my travelling interfere with my attention to Sew for Victory, but jet lag has sadly gotten the better of me over the past few days. Fortunately, I’ve managed to get in a little bit of sewing – albeit hemming a bridesmaid’s dress for someone else (in exchange for a hair cut!). I stowed away a couple of sewing projects – the Joan dress (which I’m determined to finish) and a repeat of the Belle Curve dress in a fabulous art deco fabric. So I should be plenty occupied!

This has also been my first chance to show off my handmade clothes on this side of the Atlantic.  And a great opportunity to take a first-hand look at American vintage clothes and accessories. Even in the backswamps of Missouri, vintage shops aren’t too hard to come by. I will be spending the greater part of tomorrow visiting these local hotspots for anything that catches my eye. In particular, I’m hoping to find some nice vintage brooches and hair pieces.

Something like this …

pearl brooch

Or this …

colourful brooch

I also adore this art nouveau-style moonstone brooch:

moonstone brooch

Hopefully I’ll come back with something gorgeous! What about you? Do you wear any vintage-inspired accessories to accent your style?

Will report back soon!

L x

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