I Got Married!

As promised, I thought I would post some pictures from my wedding! Although I didn’t end up making my dress (see previous post), I still wanted to share some photos with you. Many of you have followed me and my now-husband through the trials and tribulations of the past few years. After a lot of work and so many months apart, we’re finally closing a chapter dictated by distance and a whole lot of bureaucracy. Thank you to all of you who’ve been here, empathised, and offered your support. Even if I don’t know you personally, I still can’t tell you how incredibly important this little community has been to me. So thank you and now on to some photos…










4 thoughts on “I Got Married!

  1. theprettyandthekitsch says:

    This post made me smile, I’m so happy for you both! What an adorable couple! I’m so happy things worked out for the best, you looked absolutely beautiful in your dress and your husband looks super dapper in his suit! You two are awesome and I’m so thrilled for you. 🙂


      • theprettyandthekitsch says:

        You’re welcome – and thank you, too! 🙂

        Your wedding looked like it was such a fun day! 🙂 Back when my husband and I got married just over eight years ago, we actually got married in my dad’s living room! LOL. It was very cramped, even though it was a very small, intimate wedding. I wore an original vintage 1950’s pale yellow sundress. I still have it and will have to post photos of it one day, it’s my favourite item of clothing, even though I can no longer fit into it! 🙂


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