New Projects and Updates!

Now that I’m all finished with B6242, it’s on to even better and brighter things! I’ve definitely been keeping to my pledges for 2018 and spending a lot more time both sewing and blogging. This is largely owing to some new bullet journal spreads that have really helped me to get my sewing schedule and plans under control. I hate having these sorts of plans just in the ether of my mind – it can get so overwhelming trying to mentally keep track of my various projects and objectives. Having a concrete method for scheduling out everything related to my sewing and blogging has been a massive help this January. I’ll be sharing some more insight into my current means of organising myself at some point over the next couple of weeks!

In an effort to stay on track with my other sewing goals, I’ve been thinking a lot harder about the types of makes that I want to get completed over this coming year. Although I’m not one for planning patterns too far in advance (mostly because my moods change frequently when it comes to what I want to make), one of my goals for sewing in 2018 was to find some sort of balance between vintage and everyday wear. In order to make sure that I’m working towards this, there’s obviously an amount of forethought required. Since I’ve just got finished with a very vintage-inspired make, I thought I would take a step back and try to use up some of my fabric stash on a more contemporary garment!

For a while now, I’ve had my eye on Sew Over It’s Ultimate Trousers pattern. Only once in the past have I had a go at making a pair of trousers and they were a roaring success so I’ve been super keen to try out a new pattern. I’ve always had great experiences with Sew Over It patterns and the photos of various versions of the Ultimate Trousers look so impressive. The photos also inspired my fabric choice. As you might remember, I bought the best fabric ever a few months ago on a trip to the independent fabric retailer, The Quilted Fox, here in St. Louis. The Australian print is so incredibly bold and intricate that I’ve been determined to find the perfect pattern for it! I had initially assumed that I’d go the way of making a dress or skirt but this wasn’t sitting totally right with me. So, when I started looking through the galleries for the Ultimate Trousers and seeing lots of amazing bold prints, I was seriously struck by the determination to put my fabric to work! After some consultation on Instagram, I was totally set.


So look out for these trousers over the next couple of weeks.

In other, somewhat related, news, I’ve joined the Sew Over It PDF club! If you haven’t heard of the Club, it’s well worth a look. Membership costs just £5 and gets you a free PDF pattern, as well as exclusive first-look access at new Sew Over It PDFs and 10% off these patterns. Since PDF patterns from Sew Over It typically cost £7.50, membership to the Club actually costs quite a bit less than the price of the free PDF that you can select as a new member. Plus you get all of the added bonuses. So, if you have your eye on any Sew Over It PDF patterns, definitely consider membership. I’ve always loved their patterns and consider this a really worthy investment!

Anyway, that’s all for now! I’ll be back on Friday with more content for you. Time to get back to some shivering temperatures (I’m most definitely not adapted to Missouri winters yet) and a bit more sewing. Enjoy the rest of your week!


7 thoughts on “New Projects and Updates!

  1. Emily Kitsch says:

    Ooh! Good luck with the trousers! 🙂 I bet they’ll look fabulous on you!! What awesome fabric, too!

    I’ve been thinking about joining the Sew Over It PDF club myself! I only found out about it at the end of last year and was so sad that I’d missed all the fun, so when it started up again I was thrilled but then life happened and joining slipped my mind! Thanks for the reminder to just jump in and join! Now I just need to decide on which pattern I want for the super awesome freebie. 😉


    • sewforvictory says:

      I’m so glad you’ve decided to join! It’s just such a great deal. I was really surprised that membership costs less than the free PDF pattern – they have so many patterns to pick from, as well. Plus they already emailed out advanced access to their newest pattern! So all around a great deal 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • Emily Kitsch says:

        Oooh! So exciting! 😀 I’m just still stuck deciding which pattern I’m going to pick. Silly indecisiveness!


  2. Ruth Brimmer says:

    love the fabric! can’t wait to see the finnished product. R

    On Wed, Jan 17, 2018 at 9:54 AM, Sew for Victory wrote:

    > sewforvictory posted: “Now that I’m all finished with B6242, it’s on to > even better and brighter things! I’ve definitely been keeping to my pledges > for 2018 and spending a lot more time both sewing and blogging. This is > largely owing to some new bullet journal spreads that have” >


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