I’m Back!

Thanks to all of you for the super sweet messages on my last post. I’ve had a much needed break from the computer and sewing machine, and am feeling tip-top once again! If you’re feeling run down or otherwise at the end of your tether, I can’t emphasise enough how great it is to take some time away from everything. Although this obviously isn’t possible for everyone, finding even an hour or two to just switch off and focus on your mental wellbeing is an incredibly powerful act of self-love.

I’m now back at the sewing machine and will be posting some proper blog content again next week. I’ve decided to drop my posting schedule back to twice weekly (Wednesdays and Fridays) while I ease back into things. I have some great posts coming – including some new Sewing for Self-Care: Your Story posts, provided by some incredible sewists from our community! In the meantime, I hope that you are all well and finding plenty of time for crafting (especially if you’re in the currently snow-bound UK). I’m currently enjoying some sewing in my very sunshine-filled sewing room. Don’t get too jealous though – Missouri weather is notorious for dramatic changes every few hours, so I could be knee-deep (literally) in some snow by tomorrow morning!

Thanks again for the amazing support. It makes all the difference. I’ll see you next week for a proper return to normal posts! Have a wonderful weekend!



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