It’s Lu-chee-ah!

I’ve finally calmed down after last week’s serger incident. Clementine and I are back on speaking terms and I’ve actually managed to finish my version of S8591, with no further attempts at sabotage! I was able to find a piece of fabric remnant in the bin large enough to cut out another ruffle for my sleeve so the whole project was salvaged. Hurrah! I’m beyond pleased about this because, honestly, this dress may be one of the prettiest I’ve made so far. Here’s a little sneaky peek for all of you Keen Katies (I don’t know if this is a thing, but we’ll go with it):


Ok so it’s not much of a sneak shot but I don’t want to give too much away before I post the full photos next week. But, at the very least, you can see this beautiful fabric! I’m in love with it! I kind of picked it up on a whim – not particularly in love with it, but otherwise feeling that it would work well for the pattern. Also, it’s mint green which seems to have become a wardrobe staple of mine without me even realising it. However, once the pattern started coming together I could see how perfectly the fabric works. The dress is super flouncy and cute – the fabric definitely serves to really bring these characteristics out and adds wonderfully to the floral, summer vibe that I was shooting for!

So, yes, pretty pretty prettiness is on its way to you next week! In the meantime, I thought I’d do another project update – because, seriously, I’m whizzing through these patterns like nobody’s business right now. As predicted, my next pattern has not ended up being the Sew Over It Poppy Playsuit – although, it is a different Sew Over It pattern! I’ve decided to turn my hand to making a couple of versions of the new Lucia Top! Since I’m a member of the Sew Over It PDF Club (so exclusive, I know!), I actually got an email about this pattern a few days before it was released. I knew immediately that I wanted to make it – although I didn’t jump on it fast enough to get the discount that came with the email. Still, I’m super excited for this pattern and having even more ruffles in my life!


I think that I mentioned in a previous post that I’ve been wanting to make more separates. Taking part in Me Made May has definitely shown me how woefully lacking I am in this department. I have lots of bottoms – trousers, skirts – but only one top (and since it’s very floral and sheer, it’s not particularly versatile). So one of my goals for the coming months is to spend a bit more time filling in the gaps. This isn’t an easy task for me. I started sewing largely because I wanted to make lovely vintage clothes, and I will always be most drawn to beautiful vintage patterns. However, there’s a definite discrepancy between my everyday wardrobe and the things I make. I’m not a pin-up model and I don’t live in vintage clothes. I love them and I love to wear them, but it’s also not feasible for me to be walking the dog in 35C weather or doing yoga in a 1950s dress.

At the start of the year, I actually set out one of my sewing objectives as finding more of a balance between everyday and vintage patterns. I think I’ve mostly achieved this – what with the Ultimate Trousers and the Ginger Jeans. But, honestly, I find the idea of sewing tops really boring. So I’ve never wanted to invest any time in it. That said, I’m keen to really fill out my wardrobe and I figure that the nice thing about tops is their relative lack of time investment! I’ve already cut out the Lucia pattern and it’s only 3 pattern pieces. That’s definitely refreshing! Since I’m committed to making some versatile wardrobe staples, I’ve also decided to make my initial versions in just plain knit fabrics – one black and one white. I think these will work really well with the skirts and trousers that I’ve already made – plus, I can always make more exciting versions in the future!

So that’s my sewing life at the moment. I’ll definitely have some new bits and pieces to show you next week! In the meantime, if you missed it, you can check out my last postย Sewing For Self-Care: A Round-Upย to check out what’s been happening on the blog over the past few months!



10 thoughts on “It’s Lu-chee-ah!

  1. Emily Kitsch says:

    Very exciting! I can’t wait to see the dress – the fabric is so pretty, by the way!

    I actually tend to enjoy making tops – mostly because I love cute vintage blouses that have really interesting little details that you don’t often see in modern blouses (pleats, shoulder gathers, cute sleeves, etc). I used to wear blouses a lot at my last job (working in a call center, it was terrible but I made it more bearable by dressing like a modern version of a 1940’s-50’s secretary every day – lots of blouses, cute sweaters, heels and pin striped wiggle skirts, etc. I was one of the few people who showed up to work in something other than jeans and a t-shirt but instead of feeling out of place, I felt glamorous as hell and it helped to get through the awful days of being yelled at over the phone by people who didn’t want to do surveys) and it was hard to find ones that were cute, fitted, and had interesting details. I wish I had been sewing back then and had discovered the joys of vintage blouse patterns! It would have saved time hunting through stores looking for clothes that fit my style. All that is to say I really love making vintage tops. ๐Ÿ™‚


    • sewforvictory says:

      That makes a lot of sense, honestly! I think I just have a fondness for ‘big’ projects – when I’m planning out sewing projects it rarely crosses my mind to work on separates. But I definitely have the motivation to do it now!

      And yes, the dress will be coming! I just have to finish making the belt – I ordered a vintage belt buckle that I was waiting on but now it’s here and, fingers crossed, I can get photos done in time for Friday’s post! ๐Ÿ™‚

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Michelle says:

    Making up is such good fun ๐Ÿ™‚
    ‘Hurrah! Iโ€™m beyond pleased about this because, honestly, this dress may be one of the prettiest Iโ€™ve made so far.’ … I can’t disagree with that and I really adore the fabric – you just keep on creating wonderful things.

    Liked by 1 person

    • sewforvictory says:

      Thanks so much, Michelle! I will definitely keep on creating – especially since there are just so many beautiful fabrics in the world, desperate to be turned into cute clothes! ๐Ÿ™‚


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