Sewing For Summer!

I’m honestly not sure how we’ve already ended up mid-way through the summer. Things that felt way off on the horizon – starting my yoga teacher training, my 30th birthday (!) – are now just around the corner. Not to mention the fact that I’ve just celebrated my first wedding anniversary and have now been in my apartment for a whole year, even though it feels like I only just landed in the US. I’m honestly feeling a bit blindsided by how quickly 2018 is progressing!

Thankfully, I’m feeling pretty accomplished when it comes to my sewing. I already have a lot of makes under my belt and have definitely taken good steps on all of my 2018 sewing goals. Mostly I’m pleased that I’m finding a way to spend more time on building my everyday wardrobe and I’m getting so much joy from actually wearing my makes on a daily basis! I still have big plans for the rest of the year. Sewing is definitely harder in the summer – longer days and nicer weather mean that I’m generally keen to spend as much time as possible out and about. Plus my work commitments have escalated dramatically, so trying to fit everything in is definitely presenting a challenge. But that won’t stop me!

I’ve just wrapped up a beautiful make with one of my all-time favourite fabrics – the Fox Tales fabric from Dear Stella. I deliberated for quite a while on what pattern I wanted to use. In the end, I settled on the skirt from Sew Over It’s Rosie Dress. I really love the pattern – plus, it was one of the few that worked with my very narrow fabric. I’m excited to show you some proper pics, although I’m working on a new white version of the Lucia Top to go with it before I’m ready with an outfit to photograph. For now, here’s a little teaser…


Definitely the cutest fabric ever!

I’ve been planning out some other new projects. I’m super lucky to have been accepted as a new member of the Minerva Crafts Blog Team, for which I’ll be reviewing some different sewing-related delights. I’ve been working on my very first Minerva Crafts project and my first post will hopefully be up on their blog soon! I’ll be sure to link you to it once it’s done so that I can finally reveal one of the things that I’ve been working on.

I also picked up a few new vintage Simplicity patterns from Joann’s a couple of weeks ago. I got them in a super sale, each for about $3, and thought the sale would be a good opportunity to stock up! One of my more immediate makes will be this super cute 1940s pattern…


I picked up the fabric from Joann’s at the same time as the pattern, without much thought on an appropriate project. But mulling over it, I think the cotton will work incredibly well for this skirt and top! The fabric itself is a little stiff so I think I’m going to have to pre-treat it in the hopes that it will soften up. If anyone has any tips on this, please let me know! I normally just do a standard pre-wash but I feel like this will not be enough to soften this particular fabric. I also have crazy sensitive skin so need to be careful about what I use (if I don’t use certain brands of washing liquid, I break out in a full body rash, so it’s no joke!). Any tips are definitely welcome!

I picked up a couple of other Simplicity patterns that I consider to be more along the lines of wardrobe staples. I’m not sure when I’ll actually use them but, at such a wonderful price, I figured it was a good opportunity to grab them!


So much to work on! I think it’s going to be a busy summer of super sewing. Fingers crossed I’ll continue to feel the motivation. What are your summer sewing plans? Do you find yourself sewing less or more in the summer months?

Have a beautiful week, friends!

6 thoughts on “Sewing For Summer!

  1. designedbydanita says:

    You’re right! This year is flying by! Congratulations on your anniversary! I have really enjoyed following all your makes this year!!! Your pattern picks are lovely! So vintage and just your style! And beautiful fabric choices! I too have some stiff fabric i could use some help with. Someone suggested boiling it. I actually did on the stove, in water for 20 minutes. Sadly my fabric did not soften. It has some waxy coat on it. I don’t think I can use it for apparel. My husband say “good for curtains” as he kindly orders me new beautiful linen, scalloped edged with a lace look to the bottom, fabric to replace what that messy cheap stuff was. Ahh lovely fabric! It really can make a gal smile! 🙂 This summer I am busier than ever!

    Thanks for another great post! I look forward to seeing what other sewing adventures you have been on! Take care for now!


  2. ShellySewsThings says:

    I love these patterns! I suggest signing up for Joann’s mail coupon catalog next time you’re in store, it’ll warm you about pattern sales. 😊 Sadly, the quilting cottons (especially Keepsake Calico) sold at Joann’s are unlikely to soften quickly, regardless of prewash treatments. The high price “Premium” ones tend to be softer (though still stiff). They do soften over a loooong course of time and wash+dry treatments, and wear like steel. Perfect for vintage-y gathered skirts, not so much for sleeves. Maybe try washing with towels? I recommend and their Telio poplin collection. Still expensive ($7), but softer.


    • sewforvictory says:

      I did give it a go but sadly the fabric just doesn’t want to soften up! I might find a different project for it because I think it just may be too scratchy to wear. Fortunately, I have such a massive bank of fabrics that I won’t struggle to find a replacement! I actually am signed up to get emails from Joann’s – I love their coupons too!! Although it definitely doesn’t help my excessive fabric buying habit!


  3. designedbydanita says:

    Just wanted you to know I nominated you for Mystery Blogger Award in my latest blog! You have really inspired me! Check it out! No worries if you think it’s too much work, but I really think you might enjoy the process! Take care! Danita


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