If You Like It, Put A Label On It

Hello, my darlings!

A little while ago, I got a lovely email from Anka, who works with the label-making company, Nominette.* She offered me a chance to design my own clothing labels, as a way to get a bit of an insight into the process. Now, I am by no means computer-literate. Simply seeing the effort that goes in to creating and posting on Sew for Victory would show you that it’s rarely without incident. But thankfully, this was wonderfully simple!

Nominette Label

And here’s how the final product came out. I am super happy! The logo was made with a little help from my lovely fiance, but really was as simple as deciding what I wanted it to say and choosing the font. Once uploaded to Nominette, I got the chance to play around with the colours – both those of the taffeta label and the logo itself. I wanted to go for a vintage feel, since vintage is typically the direction of my makes – so I ended up choosing a beige label, with dark brown thread for the logo. It came out exactly how I wanted.

The labels came this morning, so needless to say I have spent most of the evening sewing them on to my handmade clothes. Every one that I put on feels like a little affirmation of the effort that went into making the garment. And it gives it that professional touch.

So, if you’re looking to add a little something to your clothes – either for yourself or as a reminder to those lucky recipients of your homemade gifts – definitely head on over to Nominette!


*I was provided with a set of self-designed labels in exchange for an honest review of the product.