Introducing My New Sewing Buddy!

If you’re wondering why I’ve disappeared for the past couple of weeks, here’s the (very fluffy) reason:


Please ignore the drool on the floor!

This is Miss Elizabeth Bennet (guess who named her) – our sweet new puppy! She was a birthday present from my lovely husband and is a totally gorgeous addition to the family. With a new 8 month old bundle of mayhem, my attentions have obviously been away from the blog. But I’m training her to be the best kind of sewing buddy (as soon as she stops chewing everything in sight)!


RIP Mr. Caterpillar. You survived for an incredible 40 minutes before decapitation.

Obviously this is not a dog blog, but I’m sure you won’t mind her featuring every so often. And I wanted to introduce her as the newest member of my¬†Sew for Victory¬†team! For those interested, she’s (according to the shelter) a Schnauzer-Dachsund mix. She was abandoned as a puppy, picked up by a pound in Tennessee at 4 months old, and brought to a shelter in Missouri 3 weeks ago. She’s had a tough life but fingers crossed everything will be incredible for her from here on out.

Anyway, enjoy some of the (many) photos of little Miss Lizzy and I’ll see you later in the week with some actual sewing-related content!





I Got Married!

As promised, I thought I would post some pictures from my wedding! Although I didn’t end up making my dress (see previous post), I still wanted to share some photos with you. Many of you have followed me and my now-husband through the trials and tribulations of the past few years. After a lot of work and so many months apart, we’re finally closing a chapter dictated by distance and a whole lot of bureaucracy. Thank you to all of you who’ve been here, empathised, and offered your support. Even if I don’t know you personally, I still can’t tell you how incredibly important this little community has been to me. So thank you and now on to some photos…